Wisconsin Regional Training Partnership (WRTP)/Building Industry Group Skilled Trade Employment Program (BIG STEP) is an Industry Led, Worker Centered and Community Focused nonprofit, with an annual budget of $5M, dedicated to family supporting jobs. We are based in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, with offices in Madison, Milwaukee, and Racine, as well as Minneapolis, Minnesota. WRTP/BIG STEP is widely recognized as a national model and is industry recognized as a valuable workforce development tool.

As a workforce intermediary, we work with organized labor and employers in construction and manufacturing to keep businesses competitive, preserve family supporting jobs, connect job seekers to those good jobs, help workers build skills to advance in their careers, and improve business productivity. WRTP/BIG STEP is unique because we start with the jobs. We work directly with employers and unions to develop training programs that meet their specific and timely needs by working as a clearinghouse for the assessment, preparation, and placement of job-ready candidates for careers in construction, manufacturing, and emerging sectors of the economy.

WRTP/BIG STEP offers services to employers and unions as well as community residents looking for careers in construction and manufacturing. Our services for community residents include apprenticeship readiness tutoring, training certificate courses in a variety of construction and manufacturing disciplines, referral services, and industry recognized certifications. We serve as the finishing point before employment.

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